The Elisha Experiment


The church I currently attend is encouraging the congregation to embark on a life-changing 40 days of prayer experiment. I must admit today’s sermon was an answer to my prayer and it was quite amazing to sit there as I listen and think that although I suffer in the area of my prayer life, God takes the time to be merciful to reassure me to keep on the good fight amidst dry spells in regards to my fellowship with Him. Words are not enough to express.

Amid my lack of sleep last night and the temptation to skip going to church today, I am so glad that the Holy Spirit has enabled me to fight my flesh, went to church and experience worship and hear what I believe to be God’s personal message for me (I truly believe this and I am sure it spoke to most people on the service as well). Below is the prayer and a signed card of my commitment. Please join me on this journey and experience God’s work in your life as you commit to further His kingdom. Not only will it be rewarding in this life but also in the next.