Private: My Obssession with Orange

I don’t know why but I just love the color orange and mostly all things orange although I am particularly drawn to pumpkin and rust orange hues. It’s usually a fall color but I wear my orange clothes all year long.


Ribbed dress by Stella McCartney

This happens to be sold out since it’s from last season but not to worry. I suppose this item would still be on my wishlist although I’m really not much of a brand person. I really only like the color and the easy to replicate A-line shape of the dress and turtleneck. If you refer to my post from a few days ago, I had already planned to make a dress with a similar trapeze construction using a cotton/rayon broadcloth fabric for year round wearability especially here in FL. The dress length for me would make it more appropriate to be called a tunic because the model has endless gams but for a petite person such as myself, I would assume the length would hit me just about right, and not too short.


J. Crew Kelsey Ruffle blouse

I like the color “Cinnamon Spice” as J. Crew coins it and also the feminine ruffle detailing. My peeves with this top is its straight cut and has no curves whatsoever + the tendency to gape at the chest area, but even so, the color nullifies my dislike. The thin silk material makes it airy enough for the summer. I don’t really care for seasonal color codes. I wear what I like whenever I want although it takes common sense not to wear my acrylic burnt orange turtleneck sweater in a 100 degree weather. You know?


Asos Sleeveless Shift dress

As a matter of fact, this dress is so comfy I just wore it today. This swing dress is one of my go to dresses since it perfectly camouflages my mommy tummy. Aside from that, it has a breathable and lightweight knit construction perfect for the heatwave over here. It was drizzling out so I put a hoodie cardigan over it.

Flowers with my little flower

I was at  the store and I happen to catch a glimpse of some synthetic orange hued Gerbera daisies. I ended up getting it and placed it as a center piece in the living room. I thought it to be practical and less maintenance on fake flowers. I just wanted to see something bright in our neutral living room. Of course I would rather have the real thing but sadly, when the flowers wither, it would have to be replaced and we just don’t have the budget for fresh flowers every 2 weeks.

So, now you know one of my favorite colors. It isn’t so private now, is it? I also like mauve and chartreuse but I suppose that would be for another day’s posting.

P.S. I don’t own any orange shoes, socks or hats. I think that would be pushing the boundaries towards a fashion faux pas.