Tasty Chicken

For a non chef like me, finding this recipe is like hitting gold. I took a free recipe handout at Walmart and boy, am I glad I did. I was intending to make crispy fried chicken for dinner today but I wanted to avoid the mess and the lengthy process of having to marinate the chicken, waiting 1-2 hours for the flavors to seep in, then chilling it for a bit for the coating to set, then frying it, and get a super greasy chicken in the end.

Long story short, I decided to make the Hidden Valley Original ranch Cheddar Chicken and it was a hit with the whole family. My son is usually a picky eater and when he tasted it, it was pleasing that it was to his liking and so also with my “Other” big boy. It is so easy & simple yet the chicken is so tender and juicy and TASTY!!! You absolutely have to try it. I didn’t have the original ranch but I improvised with the Hidden Valley bacon ranch sauce I had and it’s even tastier! Who could resist the taste of bacon?

You must try this… It is sure to be a crowd pleaser! 🙂