A Passion for Fashion

Lately, I find myself wanting to get a serger. I dunno what exactly is driving me to the compulsion or desire of buying it, but I know I have several clothing here in which I bought and want to alter to my specification. Some pieces are too see through, too revealing, and too plain and ubiquitous it needs revamping. I have a regular sewing machine but it will not cut it with clean seam finishes in one simple step like a serger will enable me to.

My project for this summer is a trapeze dress in orange with a colorblock collar and rick rack accent on the bottom and a mauve colorblock peplum top. I just have a thing for contrasting colors.

Pardon the sketch. I used photoshop with free hand on a laptop mousepad and that’s just how neat I can get my curved lines as I can get. I hope I don’t get lazy and that I will continue on to complete these projects. Wish me luck.