A Spark Of Caffeine

Our recent trip to Miami has sparked a caffeine fix for my husband. Before, he only drank the General Foods International Mocha Latte and Mocha at our favorite Cafe in Lakeland called Black & Brew. I have always been a coffee drinker since as far as I can remember and I also was a Starbucks Barista back in the days which entitled me to go to some sort of “Coffee school” (lol) for a week or two to distinguish different brews, origins, its complementary pastry, etc. It’s ironic that amidst suffering from caffeine poisoning, I would still drink it and my husband always asked me why I still do even if it makes me sick with hypoglycemia-like symptoms shortly after. I would make coffee on a semi regular basis with the Chambord French press and offer some to my husband and he would countlessly say “No, thanks.”

It seems the tables have turned. I hardly ever make the coffee now. My husband takes pleasure in whipping up his Cafe Cubano to perfection. For someone who didn’t even like drinking straight (sans cream or milk) lighter roasts to jump to espresso I would say is such a feat. Lol. I must say I enjoy it quite a bit to sit and be served rather than being the one to serve every once in a while anyway in this household.

Cafe Cubano aficionados. Lol. Just for the record, my son only had a sip here but he doesn’t drink coffee regularly per se although he does enjoy the coffee shop atmosphere which also for quite some time became our after church ritual.

I suppose the Cuban espresso lets my husband reconnect to his native Miami. He would recollect about how his mother used to make it and how he tells me “this was how my mother made it.”

It’s quite a vision to see my husband passionately brew his espresso as it reminds me of the time I brewed my espresso using the Melitta espresso maker which is now sitting around somewhere due to calcium scales from the water. I need to get Dezcal to get it in working order.

Our bi-daily ritual. One in the morning and one after dinner.

French press, demitasse cups, percolator. Forget drip coffee! I find that drinking coffee even twice a day in demitasse cups does not actually make me exhibit my hypoglycemic symptoms which goes to say my body can handle only little doses of caffeine each time.