Spiritual Blindness

I can only have a glimpse of how things really are when one is blind. As a child, I grew up with my grandmother who was blind. She was not born that way but because of a debilitating eye disease, she lost her sight in 1974. She did not get to see about 95% of all her grandchildren which included me. I used to be so close to her as a child until I moved thousands of miles away. I was in awe of how she used to manage getting around the house without knocking things down. It really was quite amazing.

As I was just getting myself ready for bed, with all the lights turned off, in complete darkness, I closed my eyes and tried to manage to get my way to the bed without hurting myself with the bedpost like I always do even with my eyes open. As I laid in bed, I cannot seem to shake off the epiphany that just hit me about literal blindness and how it so perfectly correlates to spiritual blindness.

When one is blind, the norm is pitch black, total darkness. Wherever you turn your head, it really does not make any difference. As for a sense of direction, an object, usually a walking aid hits any object and it tells the blind person which direction he/she goes without even knowing what lies ahead if it is safe to tread. His/her direction is influenced by whatever it is the walking aid hits. The sad part is the uncertainty of “whatever.”

In spiritual blindness, that “whatever” I talked about in literal blindness is pretty much anything that we bump into, an interest, a thrill of something or plainly just something, a philosophy, a thing, or a religion. When one is spiritually blind, they cannot see the obvious line drawn between what is right and what is wrong. Hardly anything in this world is considered wrong anymore. Disbelief in moral absolutes is prevalent and the mentality of one sided tolerance permeates society. We tend to cling to activities that we think gives us a sense of direction and therefore we are deluded that that direction, religion, vocation, or profession is what truly makes us.

Proverbs 16:25 states, ” There is a way that seems right to a man, But its end is the way of death. “

The question is, how can we escape our soul’s inevitable demise from spiritual blindness?

I liken myself to a scientist who has just discovered the one and only cure to a debilitating disease. People are in desperate need of that valuable breakthrough, I simply could not afford to withhold the information knowing everyone around me is dying. Doing so in my strong conviction feels like I’m committing a crime.

In spiritual terms, the debilitating disease is called sin. The only cure to man’s sinfulness is none other than a PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP and a life changing encounter with JESUS CHRIST. No affiliation to a particular church can save you, only Jesus Christ can.