Cupcake Diversion

So… I have decided not to make cupcakes today but brownies instead. I played Michael Jackson songs most of the afternoon and I got a theme from one of the Late King of Pop’s songs. I call the brownies “IT DON’T MATTER IF IT’S BLACK OR WHITE” aka Brownie Abstrata.

I went to the store and got the ingredients for some cupcake project I can’t wait to do. It’s called the Slumber Party cupcakes from Karen Tack’s book Hello, Cupcake!

Initially, I wanted to do that today but I have had a change of heart. I have been making, eating, eating, eating and dreaming cupcakes that it is not even funny anymore. I don’t want this to end because I really enjoy making, decorating and having these treats in the fridge all the time (since my son is on vacation, we actually play pretend “Coffee Shop” in the house and he sits at the bar stool as I stand behind the counter as he orders his favorite cupcake with Chocolate milk.)

I need to keep my glucometer ready and be cautious about all the sweet indulgence because Diabetes runs through my veins. My father passed on due to complications of Diabetes and I was diagnosed Gestational Diabetic during both my pregnancies. Hopefully, I don’t get it full blown.

One of my webdesign clients has a website devoted to Sugar-Free goodies. Maybe I should consider that in the future. However, right now, I am not thinking of consequences…which is totally bad… I am thinking only of indulgence… something I definitely need to work on. I got two kids to bake for on their birthdays and important milestones.

Brownie Abstrata