Cutesy Cupcakes

I never thought I would get myself into blogging again. I am not new to the blogging world. Actually, I started blogging about 11 years ago. However, I took a relatively long hiatus.

Now, I have a passion that is completely sweeping me off my feet. It’s baking cupcakes and cakes. Being a stay at home mother, I have quite some time in my hands (well, I have a 5 month old baby girl who sleeps most of the time and a 7 year old boy who has quite a snacking appetite.I started baking cupcakes from scratch about 3 years ago but I never was really into baking like ever before. I suppose the demand was brought to my attention by my growing son. Since my family just newly moved here in Central FL,

I ended up bringing cupcakes to school for his birthday rather than send out invitation cards to people I hardly even know. Yeah I am kind of weird in a shy and unsocial kind of way, not that I am antisocial but I just find myself being very picky in befriending people. I grew up in NYC and have acquired some kind of a mechanism in being very cautious.
Soooo…back to cupcakes…I have recently reacquainted myself with baking and I am completely and totally obsessed with cupcakes… I know I am not the only one since well, I have practically thought of domain names pertaining cupcakes and they were all taken (the ones that are catchy and just obvious like cupcakeplanet, justcupcakes, allcupcakes, cupcakeaddict etc…)