Modconspiracy… What’s that?

I was deliberating in my room one day as to what I would name my company (if I had one. lol) and I already knew I wanted to incorporate the word “mod” in it for two things. Mod was derived either from modest or modern. I am still battling as to which one takes the crown since both of these words embody what I have in mind for the kind of clothing that the company would carry.

Yes, yes, I know it is as weird as it sounds but I asked God what I could name my company and so I took out my Bible. I opened it randomly and the first word my eyes landed on was “conspiracy.” As to which book it was derived from, I don’t even remember. I can only remember the word.

The birth of a company

In essence, “modconspiracy” means a movement to a modest/modern way of dressing. Sad to say that the media has been more than successful in proselytizing young women of today of the big cliche that “skin is in.” I wanted to carry clothes that will bring back the word dignity and demure in fashion.

It is quite a lofty and seemingly grandiose agenda but even so, I am entitled to dream, aren’t I? Change starts one small idea at a time.